Should I Tip Hotel Staff – What’s The Protocol?

Gratuity can be a confusing issue, especially if you are using products and services for which gratuity is not well-defined. This is often the case when lodging at motels, hotels, and resorts. If you are currently traveling away from home and are staying in one of these establishments, you probably have a number of questions about gratuity.

what should I doThe truth of the matter is that the rules for tipping can vary from one location to the next. Some companies have very firm rules pertaining to gratuity and the amount that customers must remit. For instance, you may discover that this is an extra expense factored directly into your bill so that it is non-optional. This may be the case if you are staying at a very high-end establishment at which superior services are regularly offered. The companies that run these establishments expect a show of appreciation from their clients, given that they are going above and beyond to make their clients feel pampered and well taken care of.

Conversely, you may find yourself staying at a high-end hotel at which tips are routinely turned down by all team members. In these instance, it is actually against their employee agreements to accept money from customers for the services they render. Doing so could result in reprimand or other penalties. This is because their employers are already compensating these professionals with very generous salaries that more than accommodate them for the labor they invest. For this reason, it is best to read through the terms of service that are posted on company websites. When tipping is not allowed, most employees will graciously decline and explain why.

In a small family hotel you will likely not be expected to tip as the owners will be directly dealing with you. For non family members who serve you it may be appropriate to offer a gratuity.

One of the most confusing aspects concerning tipping is which employees should be tipped and how much each of these individuals should receive. Feeling as though they must tip each person who offers a service can make guests feel obligated to avoid the use of many included features even though they have already paid for them. This is why some hotels do not allow gratuity. They want their guests to feel comfortable using all of the services and features that they have made available, without worrying about how they will curb their travel spending.

When allowed and not mandatory, tipping is merely a show of appreciation and thus, people should only feel compelled to offer as much as they are comfortable with when providing professionals with tips. For instance, some people might tip doormen and bellhops given that these employees can sometimes go out of their way to make things more convenient for hotel guests. Tipping is often acceptable and even expected when an employee goes outside of his or her job description to do things for guests that these individuals are responsible for doing for themselves.

There are certain instances in which tipping is not only socially acceptable, but expected. This is commonly the case when the performance of a duty or service entails a separate bill. For instance, people might order food up to their rooms via room service. When a check is supplied, adding a percentage of the bill to the final charge in the form of gratuity is best. Much like dining in a restaurant, adding fifteen to twenty percent is the norm. This can usually be calculated accurately by simply doubling the sales tax.

Some employees will linger in instances in which a tip is expected. Although it is not acceptable or polite for these professionals to ask for tips outright, they do often exhibit body language that can imply that tips are expected. Thus, in instances in which there is confusion, it is a good idea to pay careful attention to the body language and facial expressions of the service provider. This way, no opportunities are missed to show appreciation in the form of a monetary contribution when this show of appreciation is due.

tippingAnother aspect of tipping that hotel guests should be aware of is the way in which it can effect the services that are rendered. In some unfortunate cases, the level of service provided could decline if people show themselves as being unwilling to offer tips at times when tipping is the norm. This should not be the case, and this is another reason many of the top hotels do not allow their employees to accept tips except in the instance of room service. For those who want to enjoy seamless and hassle-free stays along with excellent customer service, offering a small amount of gratuity when it appears both accepted and necessary is a good idea.


How To Find The Best Hotel Deals To Save Money

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures you can experience, no matter where you are going. Whether you are traversing overseas or staying close to home, seeing new things and experiencing a different way of life is a joy. Unfortunately, it can also be quite expensive if you do not know how to find the best hotel deals. Here are some tips for getting the best price on all aspects of your next big trip out of town.

relaxing in hotel swimming poolOne way you might find a great price is to go through a travel agent. Often these agents have exclusive packages or discounts that cannot be found anywhere else, which saves you money. They are also a great resource of information in case you need to know things like whether you need a visa to enter a country, how long you can stay for, what the local languages are and such.

You may also be able to book a tour guide who speaks your native language through them. In fact, travel agents are great for guided tours where you will not feel lost even if you do not speak the local tongue. Use their knowledge to your full advantage to make any overseas travel much more easy and pleasant.

If you do not want to use an agent or just are not satisfied with their prices, you can always do your own searching. There are several special travel-related search engines on the Internet. You put in your destination, and they can quote individual costs for airfare, lodging, and car rentals. Some may even be able to help you with attraction tickets and public transportation passes.

You can also try to get more than one of these things put together in a package deal to save money. Some even include reviews from people who have already stayed in these hotels and are familiar with the best things to do in that area.

Don’t be afraid to look for small hotels online and go directly to them. Most hotels pay a commission to the major travel portals, and smaller establishments will often happily give you a better price.

Use these reviews and recommendations to form an itinerary for your trip, so you have plenty of things to do. This is especially valuable if you are traveling with children, who can get bored very easily. If you have highly recommended family activities from these review sites, you can ensure they will never get bored.

There are also websites where you can put in a price ceiling that you do not want to go over. For example, say you want to go to Mexico, but can only spend up to $500 on airfare. They will return all flights under that price cap, and none over, which saves you time on your search. If there are no flights, hotels or other services available at that price cap, you can sign up for alerts when there is a sale that drops prices below that cap. Once you get the alert, you can book at below your chosen price. This method takes a little more patience, but is well worth it in the end if you are not traveling for several more months.

Just be sure to finalize any airfare or hotels at least two weeks before your departure date, or else your cost can skyrocket quite significantly.

These same sites can also get you quoted costs on packages that are all inclusive. Certain resorts or cruises may have deals where airfare, if needed and food and lodging are all included. Certain activities like spa treatments or lessons and some premium beverages may cost more, but your basics are all covered.

Travel clubs are another way to save, but only if you plan to travel more than oncholidaye in a year. These negotiate lower prices on many destinations. You pay either a yearly or monthly fee to access these discounts, which are usually so deep that they more than pay for the cost of the membership.

Do not be afraid to ask for any additional reductions before booking. For example, if you have a senior traveling or a child, there may be special fares for them that are lower. Students and military personnel also get reductions in price in many places. You may even get a lower price if you or someone in your party is celebrating a birthday.

If you must get the cheapest rate, try flexibility. Sometimes, postponing your trip a single day can result in huge savings. Having an overnight stay on at least one Saturday can lower airfare prices significantly. If you have some wiggle room on dates or times, use that to save, and then spend that money on souvenirs instead.


Hospitality Job Interview Tips

If you wish to enter into the hotel industry, you must be prepared to make the best possible impression on prospective employers. Most companies want to know that their trained talent are committed to the short and long-term success of their organizations.

working in a hotel barWhile they are happy to bring innovators on board, they are also looking for people who respect their existing systems, rules and process. Here are some hospitality job interview tips for candidates who are eager to assume high-paying positions with considerable levels of responsibility.

When going to these interviews, all of the usual rules apply. This means that you should be punctual and dressed to impress. It is best for prospective employees to arrive early to these meetings to avoid any last minute problems. Your interviewer will decide whether or not you value punctuality based upon the timeliness of your arrival to this scheduled appointment.

It is also far better to over-dress for these affairs than it is to show up under-dressed. Make sure that your clothing is impeccable and in line with the image of the company. If you are interviewing for a flashy, modern establishment, avoid classic looks that conflict with the purposeful ambiance of these locations. Conversely, you also want to avoid donning the latest trends when interviewing with a company that has a very traditional feel.

Be prepared to provide your definition of customer service and to talk about why it is important to you. There are a number of ways to define customer service, but you should be prepared to offer a clear and concise definition of this term. You also want to have the ability to back your definition up with real world examples.

Many employers will also you to define your strengths as an employee. These should go beyond mere punctuality and reliability. You have to be able to list strengths that other interviewers will not claim during their interviews. For instance, you might want to stress your calm disposition, your ability to think fast when problems arise and your ability to judge characters correctly.

You will also need to talk about the characteristics that you perceive to be weaknesses. Many people only offer vague answers given that they are afraid of being too honest. Offering a candid response can make you more memorable, especially if you can list some proactive ways that you are dealing with these shortcomings through self-improvement.

hotel with swimming poolTalk about how you can add value to the organization. Discuss the different ways in which you will prove to be a good return on investment. Keep in mind the fact that all companies spend a considerable amount of money each time they bring new employees on.

List all of the accomplishments that you have made in past positions to show employers that you are results-oriented. You want to provide ample proof of your ability to flourish in this industry. If your responses are data driven, these will have a greater impact than if they are vague and not supported by solid numbers or well-defined achievements.

Spend some time researching the company so that you have a clear understanding of their values and goals. This will allow you to tailor your answers to their needs. There can be vast differences in goals and values from one business to the next. Showing companies that you have done your research will help you make a good impression.

It is additionally vital to talk about the stress management techniques that you regularly use in your day to day life to maintain a calm and even disposition. This can be as simple as taking long walks in the morning or moderating your caffeine intake. The goal is to show prospective employers that you value balance and having a peaceful state of mind.

Not only do these companies want to know more about how prospective employees manage their stress, but they also want to hear about how they are most likely to respond to various, stressful situations. They may even provide you with a few possible scenarios as examples of stressful events that are likely to occur over the course of their operations. You will then need to give an in-depth breakdown of the actions that you will take to diffuse or resolve the problem based upon your industry knowledge and experience.

This is a drill that you should practice at home before attending any interviews. Simply write down a variety of problems that can occur in a hospitality setting and then list various positive ways in which you can respond to these issues.


Consider Small Family Run Hotels For Your Vacation Accommodation

Planning a vacation, holiday or trip may be a challenging task to many people out there today especially when it comes to settling on the best vacation accommodation. Let us face it, everyone wants to go on vacation and stay in a 5 star hotel.

This is a valid wish but the reality is that you may not have the sufficient holiday budget to sustain the expenses of staying in a really posh hotel. This should not stop you from going on that much needed vacation as there are so many other quality accommodation options in form of small family run hotels in most prime tourists’ destinations.

There is a common mindset among people who wish to travel during the holiday season that staying in a well known hotel is the only way to enjoy a vacation. This is not true. Indeed you not have as much fun as you wished for just by choosing to stay in a confined 5 star luxury hotel rather than doing something different for once.

Many best budget hotel brands are normally under the radar and this means that many people do not get to know of their existence. If you do not look out for these low priced establishments, you may not find them. Doing a thorough research of small family run hotels around your set destination can really help to shed some light on the accommodation options available during your vacation.

Smaller hotels that are independent in nature offer the same level of services as high ranked 5 star hotels. You should not shy away from seeking accommodation in any of these fine establishments due to fear of poor service delivery or uncomfortable stay. Most of these vacation accommodation solutions make it easy for travelers to feel at home even when they are in a foreign country.

culdearn houseSonia and William Marshall as a prime example. From their home in the Scottish Highland they run a 4 star hotel in Grantown on Spey, Scotland focusing on luxury accomodation and fine dining. In their area they are competing with many large hotels so their focus is on ensuring their guests have the perfect stay. With only 6 bedrooms they can ensure that they have the time to give attention to each guest to help them get the best from their visit.

So if you want to spend less money on holiday and still enjoy the feel of a top quality hotel, then small family run hotels may be the best bet.

As 5 star hotels become classier and sophisticated over time, so do small independent hotels. Low budget accommodation options such as these ones can allow you to stay on vacation for an even longer duration of time than initially planned. Who does not want to have a few extra days added onto their vacation?

In the current times we are living in, traveling costs are at all time high with all the inflation and tough economic times. Transport costs and many other expenses incurred during a vacation may skyrocket way above the budgeted amounts. When this happens, little money is left for securing good accommodation. This is a common phenomenon that so many people are experiencing when they go on vacation.

Small and independent hotels are usually very mindful of your traveling budget and therefore offer the most economical packages to tourists and travelers from all over the world. Some of the major benefits of choosing to stay in a small family run hotel is that you get personalized services that tailor made for you, your family or even group of friends. You get to stay in fine and sometimes historical establishments that have been maintained by families and passed down through generations. This vacation accommodation options really sounds worth trying and you should definitely give it a try.

It is essential that you do a bit of investigation on the most appropriate and reasonably priced hotels in a given area. The information you gather should help you make the right decision.

Find out more about Speyside, Scotland and the whisky trail at


How To Choose The Best Hotel In The City

Choosing a hotel in the city can be overwhelming especially if you do not know what to look for. The majority of hotel websites are filled with tantalizing photos and promotional copy thatHotel bell appears slick that is meant to make you think you will be showered in luxury the moment you get to the hotel lobby. Below are helpful tips that guide you on how to choose the best hotel in the city. So, continue reading to discover more.

Prior to booking yourself into a city hotel, you need to consider your budget. You will realize that most hotels located in the city cost more than those located out of the city. You can use booking engines if you would like to know what is available including the rates charged at the facilities you are interested in. Furthermore, you can also visit websites set up by hotels if you wish to book directly.

All major sites that handle hotel bookings allow viewers to check out search results which is presented on a map. So, you can choose an ideal hotel especially if Hotelthe neighborhood or location matters to you. Furthermore, if you want a city hotel located in a specific place that interests, then you can search using a landmark. If you are looking for a luxurious or five star hotel, for instance, you will realize that a good number of them are located within the city center. So, you can choose them if you need to stay at a hotel that offers a distinctive and upscale accommodation.

Only a handful of people nowadays book hotels without reading reviews provided by other travelers. However, it is important to note that reviews allow you to discover the truth about the staff at a hotel, cleanliness, Wi-Fi availability, and numerous other features. Quite a good number of review sites allow people to post photographs of hotels. These photos are more realistic than professional snapshots posted on the hotel website.

Hotel BookingTo find a suitable hotel in a city of your choice, you might want to consider getting feedback from other people by posting your message on message boards. When requesting to be given recommendations or advice, make sure you are specific about what you need. For instance if you would like to have a good view or a kid-friendly accommodation, then make it clear in your requests.

if you are a food lover, consider city hotels that are close to restaurants. The locals are mostly familiar with the cuisine. So, if you want to be served a particular cuisine, consider staying at a hotel that is close to restaurants that specialize in your favorite cuisine. Nowadays, people to do their research online, however, you will find it equally helpful to call several hotels. When you call a hotel directly, you are more likely to get a room even if you are making your booking at the last minute during peak times. Hopefully, these tips will make your work easier as you shop around for a suitable hotel in the city.